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Tara Chiusano


I always liked shooting, even as a kid... and I worked my way up through better and better cameras. My father encouraged this every step of the way, as photography was part of his passion as well, but more on the developing and editing side... ?

We lost my father in July of 2009, and I had some personal and health problems so I shelved the idea of doing anything with my photography for a long time. It took 9 years to resolve all of the issues and rei-gnite my passion for capturing the perfect shot, in the perfect light, in a perspective that most don't see. It started slowly ..shooting with my cell phone camera, graduating to my point and shoot, and finally getting out what I fondly refer to as my "big camera" and purchasing a gopro for more action and water shoots. ??

I still work full time, but my days off are full of "where can I go to shoot something, something different, something people maybe take for granted because it's right there all the time, and they have become blind to it?" ??

I also love to do road trips and day trips to shoot something not right in front of me, and capture something beautiful that will stay with me forever... something I can share with others and make them see how incredible the world we live in actually is, all the time.


Rainbow Falls
Sunset Fire Over Coney Island

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